2006-2017 Records Management Awards

Awards received under Commissioner Franck demonstrating excellence and leadership by Saratoga Springs:               

  • The 2016 William H. Kelly Annual Archives Award received October 18, 2016 for excellence in the management of the city’s historical records. 
  • The Cheryl Steinbach Award: Received in October 2009 for excellence in Local Government Records Management
  • The Robert Arnold Award: Received in June of 2006 for assisting other communities with records management problems. (This was borne out as a consistent practice recently when we donated 40 records boxes to the Town of Saratoga).

2006-2017 Records Management Grants

2006-2017 Records Management Non-Matching Grants Received:  $236,699


2016-17 Accomplishments

  • Voted for the new Comprehensive Plan
  • Voted for all City Hall Employee Union Contracts
  • 2016 had the lowest denial rate in City History for Senior Citizen Exemptions due to an aggressive senior phone call alert system set up by the Accounts office
  • Completed and published a comprehensive Risk and Safety Manual for employees
  • Purchased Active Shooter Gear for Firefighters/EMT’s and assisted Fire Administration in establishing training protocols
  • Provided risk management funding for a Police Department Bomb dog to be used for special event programming within the City
  • Provided risk management funding for a Police Department horse to replace our beloved Jupiter to be used for special event programming within the City
  • Placed all of the City’s permit applications online for ease of use and electronic submittal
  • Researched and revamped the City’s Purchasing Manual to mirror NYS OGS Purchasing Guidelines and provided a comprehensive education program for employees
  • Worked with City Attorney, Finance and Purchasing to research and revamp the City’s contract administration and document processes resulting in new contract templates
  • Worked with Saratoga Historic Preservation to facilitate the appraisal of the City’s Congress Park Carousel for a firm valuation and increased insurance coverage
  • Requested and helped obtain Capital Budget monies (2016) and facilitated the installation of security camera systems in the interior of the Congress Park Carousel, and added security systems to the Spirit of Life, Water Treatment Plant, Woodlawn Garage, and Indoor Recreation Systems (Completed 2017)
  • Maintained steady Property and Casualty Insurance premium, but increased the City’s Excess Program by $3 Million and coverage for the Congress Park Carousel to $4 Million
  • Only 71 Grievances filed in 2016, fewest in the past 15 years.
  • The City of Saratoga Springs is the only municipality in Saratoga County to pass legislation to include a Gold Star Parent real property tax exemption via the Accounts Department.
  • CDTA: Taxi consortium Legislation – Accounts Department working with Assemblyman John McDonald and the CDTA to uniform taxi legislation throughout the Capital District Area providing for better transportation opportunities, standardize rates, services, allow universal taxi medallion standards, increase taxi driver accountability and set up Saratoga Springs as a lead to future ride sharing opportunities.
  • Federal Highway Authority NYS Department of Transportation Division: ADA
  • Our office is working closely with FHA Department of Transportation, City Attorney and the Planning Department to continue its work with ADA policies for our community. Short and long-term planning that coordinates with our Complete Streets philosophy.

  • 2016 City Historian Archives Grant ($24,826) Results:
    • New researcher area set up in close proximity to the City Historian to make it easier for Researchers to have assistance. Research area equipped with a new computer and an overhead scanner.
    • Microfilm of frequently accessed records including tax and assessment rolls, police blotters, oaths of office, annual reports, financial reports, city budgets, and city audits were digitized and loaded onto the researchers and Historian’s computer along with the City’s Laserfiche repository, various record indexes and the Guide to the Archives which was completely updated during this project.
    • Non-governmental records were organized and re-housed and described in the Guide to the Archives and also catalogued in machine readable format. There are now fuller descriptions and shelf and drawer locations throughout the Guide.
    • There are now official policies approved by the City Council including an Archives Records handling and Researcher Policy, a Research Registration Form, a Collection Development Policy and a Deed of Gift form covering the use of documents in the Archives, rules for researchers, requirements for staff and visitors when using the archives and guidelines for the maintenance and development of the collection.
    • 96.26 cubic feet of records were tied, wrapped, re-housed, re-arranged and thinned out to ensure their preservation. Older, more fragile documents were scanned and photo-copied so that the use of the original documents can be restricted. Artifacts and objects were removed from the archives and placed in more appropriate repositories. Duplicate books and records were removed and donated to the Saratoga Room, the History Museum or to Skidmore College and local collectors.
    • All descriptions and indexes and the updated Guide to the Archives were placed on the city’s website.
  • Special Event Programming: The Accounts Department in conjunction with the City Safety Committee and the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce is working on revamping the City’s Special Events application process.  The application process has been totally revamped and procedures streamlined to better serve our community.  We held a special education program on February 8th bringing together the NYS DOT, NYS DOH and local community leaders to better plan for the wonderful events that will be held throughout the year encouraging our tourism and place a gem in the historic racing community.

2015 Accomplishments

  • City of Saratoga Springs Sees Significant Savings in 2016 Insurance Program
    The City requested proposals for new insurance brokerage services in the second quarter of this year. After a thoughtful review of all of the proposals received and an interview of all of the broker candidates, Adirondack Trust Insurance was chosen to represent the City in marketing and promoting its property and casualty insurance program for the 2016 calendar year. Adirondack Trust Insurance marketed the City’s insurance to public entity insurance carriers including the City’s incumbent Travelers Insurance, Glatfelter, Selective Insurance, and WR Berkley.

    Adirondack’ Trust Insurance’s marketing efforts have resulted in the City’s financial achievement of a collective 15% reduction in the City’s annual premium from its current insurer Travelers Insurance in comparison with the 2015 premium realized by the City. More importantly, the monetary savings achieved in 2016 will be held steady for a three-year time period. Travelers Insurance has agreed to keep the premium steady for a three-year period with increases charged solely for increases in exposure or values. Adirondack Trust Insurance has assisted the City in saving approximately $225,000 from what was budgeted for the insurance program in 2016.

  • Worked with Saratoga Historic Preservation to appraise the Spirit of Life and ensuring insurance coverage for $4.5 Million
  • Added additional security systems for the Caroline Street corridor to continue to reduce workers’ compensation and labor costs with injured personnel
  • Worked with Finance and IT to obtain enhanced retention systems for the City’s security camera systems
  • Instituted a Certificate of Insurance Program to monitor the City’s permitting process
  • Obtained insurance programming for Pollution Liability Insurance
  • Assisted the Fire Department in obtaining funding for motorized lift systems for their Stryker Stretchers to address prevalent back injuries for firefighters/EMTs
  • Risk and Safety chosen to participate in the Saratoga County LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee)
  • Assisted Public Safety in obtaining funds for the Public Safety Dispatch Project to address the dead zones public safety personnel face within the gullies of the City
  • Worked with Finance and IT to obtain Cyber Liability for the City
  • Worked with the Police Department and IT to add cameras to the Caroline Street corridor to address law enforcement claims and workers’ compensation injuries
  • Assisted public safety in obtaining funds for the Police Radio System in cooperation with the Saratoga County Radio Program
  • Provide financial assistance to the Police Department to reintroduce the K9 Program
  • Purchased safety equipment for City Buildings, Code Enforcement, Building and Zoning and the Ice Rinks for Carbon Monoxide Monitoring
  • 2015 Inactive Records Grant ($17,076) Results: High Volume, long-term Permission agreements in Recreation were purged and organized for easy access and annual management; Community Development records were purged and indexed, Recreation files in the city clerk Vault were purged, organized and indexed and re-located in the vault; Recreation minutes were scanned into Laserfiche and archived in the City Clerk Vault;  Microfilmed City Payrolls and  Retirement Ledgers from 1975 through 1995 were digitized and loaded onto a server for easy access by the City’s Payroll Administrator to assist with information requests for retirement purposes.
  • The Assessment Office continues to see a decrease in the number of Grievance being filed, only 79 Grievances filed in 2015
  • Commissioner Franck receives the most votes (4,872) of any candidate in November 2015.

2014 Accomplishments

  • Reduced 2015 budget to levels below 2007 for the Accounts Department
  • Updated Online Assessment database program
  • Updated City Licensing system
  • Voted for Eastern Ridge Fire Department

2013 Accomplishments

  • Moved voting districts 3, 4, 8, 9 & 25 back to the Saratoga Springs City Center
  • Moved voting district 14 to the Saratoga Springs Recreation Center which is ADA compliant
  • Supported legislation for Saratoga Springs Housing Authority to bring salaries to City Council for Approval

2012 Accomplishments

  • Supported the Saratoga Springs Fire Department and staff in taking over EMS services for the City of Saratoga Springs after the non-profit EMS services went out of business 
  • Created the Gateway Access Program of Saratoga Committee with Supervisor Matthew Veitch
  • Saratoga Springs Housing Authority investigation continued

2011 Accomplishments

  • Assisted in securing funding for the development of a private/public joint venture to build a new parking garage 
  • Initiated the re-opening of the skate park 
  • Initiated the investigation of the Saratoga Springs Housing Authority

2010 Accomplishments

  • Initiated the City Council unanimously passing a hiring freeze due to the downturn of the economy
  • Initiated the City Council unanimously passing the withholding of 10% of each Council member’s  salary and for it to be deposited into the General Fund

2009 Accomplishments

  • Led initiative to lobby legislature to change 1964 law to now allow condos to be assessed with market values
  • City Council meetings and Land Use Board meetings started to be streamed live via City’s website 
  • Led initiative for City Council to pass resolution in support of the US National Health Care Act (HR676) 
  • Received 2009 Cheryl Steinbach Annual Archives Award for Excellence in Local Government Records Management
  • Property Card scanning project completed

2008 Accomplishments

  • Launched parking garage sign project 
  • NOVUS Agenda goes live 
  • Started selling CDTA passes in City Hall 
  • Obtained 14% insurance premium reduction 
  • Initiated e-mailing of bids to save on postage

2007 Accomplishments

  • Received grant funding to enhance on-line assessment program 
  • Froze assessed values 
  • Received grant – full funding – to go paperless 

2006 Accomplishments

  • Froze property revaluations
  • Secured commitment for donated labor from BOCES Building Trade Program to construct ramp at Senior Citizens’ Center
  • Put easy access to house values on City’s website
  • Secured insurance savings for City
  • Started annual class on "How to grieve your assessment"
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